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Diary Dates

About the Project

6th Jan
Meeting 8.00pm Cross Keys
31st Jan
Fancy Dress Take Away Evening 7.00pm Cross Keys
5th Feb
Meeting 8.00pm Cross Keys
4th Mar
Meeting 8.00pm Cross Keys
1st Apr
Meeting 8.00pm Cross Keys
12th Apr
Easter Fun Day - see separate page for details
Thanks to the following
for grants so far:
Bedfordshire Police Partnership
Crime Beat
Wootton Youth Group
Local Network Fund
Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation
Bedford Charity
(The Harpur Trust)
Bedfordshire County Council Community Fund



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Where is Wood End?

Wood End is a small community in the Kempston Rural area of Bedfordshire. It is on the verges of both Kempston and Wootton. So you still don't know where it is - see the map.....

What is playspace?

Although a small community on the verge of the countryside we still require somewhere safe for our children to play. We have the place, we need the help to make it a safe and accessible area for our young people.

Can you help?

Of course you can... contact us and we will tell you how..

Debbie - debbie888@tiscali.co.uk

Watch the project grow
- a photographic account of the project as it progresses.
Tyre Swing Investigating Kids Seesaw

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